Program Management & Administrative Support

  Program Management and Administrative Support Services

Program Management

Pluribus provides comprehensive program management, governance, and strategy consultation support to numerous U.S. federal government clients, including:

  • In-depth research utilizing numerous data and information sources, advanced analytical techniques and methodologies, culminating in formal and informal reports, summaries, and bulletins.
  • Comprehensive evaluations of internal and external policies and regulations; editorial and peer-review support to substantial client informational products, reports, and findings.
  • Comprehensive strategic studies and technically complex analyses that support or are integral components of finished, peer-reviewed reports
  • Comprehensive support to client policy and regulation issuance processes, including analyses of applicable overarching laws, policies,and regulations, and provision of change recommendations.
  • Support to formulation and execution of enterprise-wide strategies and related initiatives and projects.

Pluribus’ program management experts are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Our staff includes graduates of the National Defense University (NDU), Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), and other nationally recognized management programs.

Administrative Support

At Pluribus we understand that no organization can be successful without trained, efficient, and professional administrative support. At the heart of any organization is the requirement to smoothly and effectively execute the critical tasks of managing organizational processes and workflow. Pluribus prides itself in its ability to identify, train, motivate and support administrative personnel who understand the customer's mission and are focused on achieving their objectives.

Our administrative professionals are supporting our customers in the areas of:

  • Executive Administration and Clerical Support
  • Information Management
  • Project Administration
  • Operations Management and Deployment Services
  • Logistics and Facilities Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Security
  • Financial Management