Cyber/IO Systems
Capability Development

  Cyber/IO Systems Capability Development

Pluribus supports development, testing, and accelerated fielding of leading-edge capabilities in Cyber, Electronic Warfare, Special Purpose Electronic Attack, and Computer Network Attack.

Pluribus analysts closely monitor emerging capabilities still in the requirements generation process by identifying how they can be applied against critical requirements for traditional EW, SPEA and CNA. They also work with the acquisition community to analyze these emerging capabilities and suggest ways to accelerate system development and fielding. They provide analytical support by tracking capability development documents that support the development of new and improved Cyber and IO systems.

Our analyst teams conduct comprehensive analyses of target country threat and information environments, develop functional area assessments, conduct materiel needs assessments, and develop the analytical basis for the generation of Cyber and IO materiel requirements. They develop essential JCIDS Capability-Based Assessment documentation—including Functional Area Analysis (FAA), Functional Needs Analysis (FNA), Functional Solutions Analysis (FSA), Capability Development Documents (CDD), Capability Production Documents (CPD), Concepts of Operation (CONOPS), White Papers, and Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMPS)—and support coordination of these documents through Service and Joint review processes, leading to U.S. government approval. Pluribus’ expertise in Cyber and IO systems is applicable to the following support areas:

  • Acquisition Program Management Support
  • Engineering Services Support
  • Program Analysis and Reporting Support
  • Program Tracking and Guidance Support
  • Systems Design Documentation
  • Technical Data Support
  • Studies and Analyses related to Cyber/IO Program Management, Engineering, and Technical Services